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Using with an Express app

In some cases, you may already have an existing Express app and you want to mount an EventSub listener into it.

This is made easy with the EventSubMiddleware class.

You just need to follow some easy steps to make sure the events come through:

  1. Create an instance
  2. Run the .apply(app) method, passing your Express app as parameter
  3. In the listen callback of the app, run (and await) the .markAsReady() method

Now you can continue subscribing to your desired EventSub events as usual.


const middleware = new EventSubMiddleware({
	hostName: '',
	pathPrefix: '/twitch',
	secret: 'secretHere'

app.listen(3000, async () => {
	await middleware.markAsReady();
	middleware.onChannelFollow('125328655', event => {
		console.log(`${event.userDisplayName} just followed ${event.broadcasterDisplayName}!`);