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Data overview

Getting data from the Twitch API is sadly split into many systems. Here's some handy tables on which library you can and should use for which use case.

Current state & actions

Start an adYesNo
Get Bits leaderboardYesNo
Get available CheermotesYesNo
Get Extension transactionsYesNo
Get channel category/titleYesNo
Set channel category/titleYesNo
Get channel editorsYesNo
Manage custom rewards & redemptionsYesNo
Get available emotes & badgesYesNo
Get & create clipsYesNo
Manage dropsYesNo
Manage extensionsYesNo
Get category infoYesNo
Manage polls & predictionsYesNo
Get banned usersYesNo
Ban/unban/timeout usersYesNo
Get & manage schedulesYesNo
Search categoriesYesNo
Search channelsYesNo
Get stream keyYesNo
Get info about streamsYesNo
Manage stream markersYesNo
Get list of subscribersYesNo
Check subscriptionYesYes (in message context)
Get list of VIPsYesNo
Check VIPYesYes (in message context)
Manage VIPsYesNo
Get list of moderatorsYesNo
Manage moderatorsYesNo
Get & manage stream tagsYesNo
Get team infoYesNo
Get user infoYesYes (in message context; login, display name, ID only)
Get & manage followsYesNo
Get & manage VODsYesNo
Raid usersYesNo
Send chat messagesNoYes
Send chat announcementsYesNo
Send whispersYesNo
Remove chat messagesYesNo
Set chat modes (e.g. emote/sub/follower only)YesNo
Get & manage AutoMod settingsYesNo
Fetch currently playing Soundtrack trackNo (supported by Twitch)No
Get current Creator Goals stateYesNo
Get list of chattersYesNo
Get info about charity campaignsYesNo
Get & manage Shield Mode statusYesNo


Event type@twurple/chat@twurple/pubsub@twurple/eventsub-*
Chat messagesYesSub & cheer messages onlySub & cheer messages only
Chat mode (e.g. sub only) changesYesNoNo
Channel pointsRedemptions w/ messages onlyRedemptions onlyYes
SubscriptionsPublished onlyPublished onlyYes
Live / offline / stream changesNoNoYes
Mod add/removeNoYesYes
Polls & predictionsNoNoYes
Extension transactionsNoNoYes
Hype TrainsNoNoYes
Authorization grant/revokeNoNoYes
Charity campaigns & donationsNoNoYes
Shield mode begin/endNoNoYes
Unban request approve/denyNoYesNo
Low-trust users treatment/chat messageNoYesNo