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Twurple is a set of libraries that aims to cover all existing Twitch APIs.

  • Query the Helix API
  • Build a chat bot
  • React to custom redemptions, subscriptions, follows and much more using PubSub and EventSub
  • Do all this without caring about the expiry of your access tokens - we can refresh them automatically


Twurple consists of multiple packages that mostly communicate with a single system on Twitch's side.

All these system packages rely on a single package that manages authentication tokens, @twurple/auth.
All peer dependencies between the different packages are shown here:

PackagePeer dependencies
@twurple/eventsub-http@twurple/auth, @twurple/api
@twurple/eventsub-ws@twurple/auth, @twurple/api

For example, to use EventSub over WebSockets, execute one of:

yarn add @twurple/auth @twurple/api @twurple/eventsub-ws
# or
npm install @twurple/auth @twurple/api @twurple/eventsub-ws

I got stuck/have more questions! Where do I get help?

You can join the Twitch API Libraries Discord Server and ask in #twurple for support.