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Listening to chat events

After you established a connection to the Twitch chat server, you can listen to events:

const followAgeListener = chatClient.onMessage(async (channel: string, user: string, text: string, msg: ChatMessage) => {
	if (text === '!followage') {
		const broadcasterId = msg.channelId!;
		const { data: [follow] } = await apiClient.channels.getChannelFollowers(broadcasterId, msg.userInfo.userId);

		if (follow) {
			const currentTimestamp =;
			const followStartTimestamp = follow.followDate.getTime();
			chatClient.say(channel, `@${user} You have been following for ${secondsToDuration((currentTimestamp - followStartTimestamp) / 1000)}!`);
		} else {
			chatClient.say(channel, `@${user} You are not following!`);

// later, when you don't need this command anymore:

A list of all chat events can be found in the ChatClient class reference.

Why do actions right after the `connect()` call not work?

You should use onAuthenticationSuccess to do things after the registration with the chat server finishes.

The connect() method finishes before authentication and is therefore unlikely to be what you want since you can't send any messages at this point.