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Main classes


An object representing monetary amount and currency information for charity donations/goals.




Type: string

The ISO-4217 three-letter currency code that identifies the type of currency in value.


Type: number

The number of decimal places used by the currency. For example, USD uses two decimal places. Use this number to translate value from minor units to major units by using the formula:

value / 10^decimalPlaces


Type: number

The localized monetary amount based on the value and the decimal places of the currency. For example, the minor units for USD is cents which uses two decimal places, so if value is 550, localizedValue is set to 5.50.


Type: number

The monetary amount. The amount is specified in the currency’s minor unit. For example, the minor units for USD is cents, so if the amount is $5.50 USD, value is set to 550.